Expanding Horizons with Unique Engineering Technology

RACI has been a market symbol for more than 60 years, rising steadily in its credibility and authority, both in design support and for the oil and gas industry. It is becoming synonymous with dependability and professionalism, and it has become a sure reference: research, technology, and professional updating are concrete tools for staying ahead of the curve over time.

Founded in 1952 as a representative company of anticorrosive products for the protection of metal structures, over the years, the company has done more than just import goods. It has also helped design and engineer quality products and services across the globe.

R&D of new solutions to better meet market demands and specific end-user applications.
Prototypes and models.
Specific foundries.
Mechanical treatment.
Plastic injection moulding (RACIPLASTIC, a company of the RACI group).
Valve assembly at our facility.
Product testing and approval.
Transportation and logistics.
Training on water flow management.

Our Entities

Leadership Team

Dr. Enrico Righi
President, RACI Group

Dr. Enrico Righi is the President of the RACI Group, based in Milan , Italy. He holds a Degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University.
He began his career in RACI during 1980 and successfully took over the business from his father and founder of RACI s.r.l. By 2007 he bought back all the shares held by the family.

Mr. Joe Cherian
Director, RACI India

Since the establishment of the company in 2009, Joe Cherian has served as a Director of RACI India. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and has more than 20 years of experience working internationally to promote engineering and manufacturing companies in India and the Middle East. Mr. Cherian has a global perspective, and one of his goals for the company is to steadily expand its operations by entering new markets and geographical locations each year.

Mr. Partha Jana
Operations Director, RACI Group

Partha Jana, an Electrical Engineering graduate, has worked for GAIL (India) Limited for over 34 years. During his time with GAIL, he was involved in the construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of cross-country natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas pipelines throughout India. He has extensive experience with city gas distribution projects as well as wind energy projects.


Are spacers or casing insulators necessary in cased pipeline crossings

Yes, they are required to protect the carrier pipe coating during insertion. Also to keep the pipe in position, electrically isolated as there will be no metal to metal to contact.

What is the purpose of link seals?

Link seals are used to create a water tight seal in situations where you have pipeline passing through a wall opening. They form a perfect sealing of the recess between the pipe and the wall.

Why select RACI spacers?

They are a versatile product in production since the 1970s with a worldwide foot print.

Why are liners being used to fix leakages in underground pipelines?

The liners help to restore flow in a damaged line within hours or days unlike the traditional method of excavation and replacement that will take weeks or months to restore flow. It costs less to rehabilitate using a trenchless method. Up to 70% savings in using a liner.

Why use RACI end seals?

They are tried and tested and eliminates the application of heat in the conventional heatshrink sleeves that required heating on site. RACI Z type and C Type end seals can be installed in a totally cold process.

Which was the RACI pipeline project in India and where ?

The Reliance East West Pipeline in 2007 – 2008 from the East Coast to the West coast of India.

How long has RACI been in the Middle East market?

A presence in the UAE since the 90s and other Gulf countries since 2000.