We offer solutions for trenchless rehabilitation of underground pipelines. It’s a fast and cost-effective method of repairing your underground pipelines without excavating. Many pipelines run beneath roads or a layer of concrete and this is common to petrochemical complexes, airports, refineries and water pipeline networks.

Primus Line® system is used for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes handling different media such as oil, gas, drinking water, sewer or some chemicals.

It is a fast and cost-effective solution for the rehabilitation of existing damaged pressure pipes. Lengths up to 2 km can be inserted in one go. It is a proven and effective method ensuring significant cost savings to the asset owner, capable of navigating 45 degrees or even up to 90 degrees in the path.

1. RACItex Petrolatum Tape

2. RACI TERMOBIT R Bitumin Tape

3. RACI Espansit Butyl Tape

4. Raci PIB Amalgamating