RACI has over two decades of experience in corrosion protection, first with paraffin based coatings for pipes and metal structures. We have focused on the safety of underground pipes and offer solutions to protect pipelines against corrosion immediately and permanently, without the need for much surface preparation.

Bituminous anti-corrosive tapes were later introduced into the market, revolutionising the method of insulating welded joints on underground pipelines. They were earlier protected with “hot taring” that proved to be risky and inconvenient to operators.

Over the years, bituminous products were replaced by self-sealing butyl-based tapes, both in single mode and multilayer systems including the mechanical protection layer.

In 2020, Raedlinger Primus Line Gmbh,Cham, Germany formed a partnership with RACI in the Middle East and India region to promote a trenchless technology for the rehabilitation of pressure pipelines. The system can handle different media such as water, gas or oil and based on a woven flexible high pressure composite pipe and a specially developed connection technique. Primus Line system has been widely accepted by oil, gas and water authorities worldwide. It is cost effective, quick and easy to install making it a solution to repair pipelines even in areas that are inaccessible or sensitive to excavate.

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