RACI has always assisted customers in evaluating and developing the best technical solutions to meet specific site requirements. With premium-quality products and services we have been providing the industry with innovative solutions for many decades. For smooth pipeline installations in cased crossings, HDPE spacer collars or insulators were designed and patented in the 1970s. With a versatile product offering peace of mind solutions, we have gained a worldwide footprint over the last five decades.

Pipelines crossing roads or railway lines must be protected with a casing pipe. RACI products and services enable you to correctly respond to the EN 1594 standard requirements for the construction of pipe sections in gas distribution lines.

RACI spacer collars easily and effectively isolate pipes carrying drinking water, sewage,oil,gas and petrochemical fluids.


  • Electrical insulation between the duct pipe and the casing pipe for long-term corrosion protection.
  • The duct pipe is easily inserted, preventing damage to the external coating.
  • RACI casing spacers offer a firm grip on the carrier pipe and prevent horizontal movements during insertion.
  • Material is dielectric and chemically resistant.
  • Resistance to thermal shocks and stress during the insertion phase, to ensure continuous and long-lasting support to the carrier pipe and its contents.

Product Features

  • There are no metal components and it is wholly made of high density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • The modular design allows to cover a wide range of pipe diameters, while reducing storage space.
  • Imbed one element into the other to assemble.
  • The coefficient of friction remains low.
  • They can be installed on pipes made of steel, concrete, cast iron or plastic.

Quality is a Trait that we navigate

RACI spacer collars are the result of extensive structural analysis, design, and manufacturing with the assistance of solid modelling systems. The collars are classified into eight sets based on their diameter. All elements are designed with the various applications in mind. In order to ensure the perfect success of the launching pipeline, they must ensure certain static and dynamic characteristics. Each family has different collar heights to accommodate flanges, couplings, cups, easily or provide better centering. Element height can vary from 15 to 200 mm.

Special versions of spacer elements that include the use of other polymers can also be manufactured to meet the mechanical and temperature resistance requirements (raw material variations are limited to minimum order batches due to constraints).

RACI End Seals

RACI End seals are available as Type Z ( wave type ) or Type C ( conic type closed or open versions ). They are fastened using stainless steel straps, eliminating the application of heat in the installation process.

RACI Pressio elements are Modular wall penetration seals that find application in sealing the annular spaces, be it a pipe passing through a wall opening or a pipe in pipe, against water or gas. They find application largely in oil and gas installations and in airports on jet fuel or hydrant lines.

Product Portfolio

Spacers andEnd seals


RACI Spacer Elements Type AR


Conic End Seal


Pressio Link Seals


End Seal Espansit Z Type