Water is the lifeblood of our planet, and conserving it is a responsibility we all share.

At Technimex and SebaKMT, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that help communities combat non-revenue water (NRW) losses and optimise their water management strategies.

Technimex, from the Netherlands, offers a revolutionary total solution that dramatically reduces water losses without the costly and disruptive task of replacing entire pipe networks.
Combining advanced hardware and software, our system precisely maps leaks and optimizes water pressure, resulting in significant reductions in NRW. This self-learning technology continuously adapts to changing conditions, ensuring ongoing efficiency and cost savings.

SebaKMT by Megger Germany GmbH, a global leader in intelligent drinking water technology, boasts a comprehensive suite of leak detection solutions.
Pioneering in both conventional and advanced technologies, SebaKMT provides fully automated, correlated network monitoring systems that identify and locate leaks with unparalleled accuracy, often within hours of their occurrence. This timely intervention minimizes water waste and saves valuable resources.

By partnering with Technimex and SebaKMT, you can:

● Significantly reduce non-revenue water losses: Conserve precious water resources and save
money on treatment and distribution costs.
● Extend the lifespan of existing infrastructure: Avoid unnecessary pipe replacements and
associated costs.
● Improve operational efficiency: Gain real-time insights into your water network and optimize
pressure levels for maximum efficiency.
● Protect the environment:** Reduce energy consumption and minimize water waste for a more
sustainable future.

Join forces with us and make a lasting impact on water conservation. We offer customised solutions and comprehensive support to help you achieve your water management goals.